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About Mean Gin

Mean is a traditionally distilled, premium London Dry Gin (43% ABV) with cardamom and citrus forward, and a slight spice undertone.


Mean harks back to Greenwich’s maritime history, with the addition of many botanicals which would have arrived on the Peninsula’s docks from Asia in the 19th Century.


The bottle design highlights Greenwich’s famed Meridian Line and its place as the ‘birthplace of time’. We can’t think of a better way to spend that time than with a Mean and Tonic in hand…

Our Story

On a Friday evening in late 2014, Mean Gin's founder, Chris, prepared himself a Gin & Tonic in his Greenwich apartment. Unsatisfied with the outcome, he began thinking how the gin could be improved. At the time, he was unaware of the 2-year journey to create his perfect gin that would follow!


Countless test distillations and re-workings of the recipe later, Mean London Dry Gin is now distilled in small batches in South London by our Master Distiller and retains most of the original botanicals thought up in that first night in Greenwich.




Very similar to cinnamon, Cassia bark gives Mean an earthy, warming mouthfeel.

Sweet Orange Peel & Lemon Peel

The peel of the citrus fruits is used in Mean as it contains more of the flavour-filled oils than the fruit’s flesh. Theses provide fresh and juicy citrus to the mix.


The bedrock of gin. The essential oils within each berry give gin its ‘piney’ flavour.

Coriander Seed

The second ingredient in nearly every gin - in Mean, Coriander provides complex spicy, mellow citrus top notes.

Angelica Root

Angelica smooths and marries the other botanicals in Mean together, adding a woody, musky flavour.


Only a small number of green cardamom pods are required to give Mean’s distinct Cardamom hints, producing a flavour halfway between spice and citrus.

Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise are tiny pepper berries which give off a wonderful spicy, peppery yet floral flavour.


Rosehip is rarely used as a gin botanical, but for Mean, we couldn’t resist the tangy, fruity flavours it brings, complementing and adding to the other citrus flavours.


Cubeb is a member of the pepper family - If you detect the tiniest hint of mint in Mean, it’s likely to be from the eucalyptus/pepper flavour imparted from the Cubeb berries.

Mean London Dry Gin


Our flagship Gin: a classic, premium London Dry with citrus and spice.
Buy now, and try in one of our signature serves below!


Delivery to Mainland UK £5.00
Delivery to Highlands, Islands & Northern Ireland £8.00

(Flat delivery fee - up to 3 bottles)

Our Perfect Serves

Mean Collins

50ml Mean London Dry Gin

25ml Lemon Juice

Tsp. Caster Sugar


Lemon & Maraschino Cherry garnish

The classic Tom Collins is the ultimate in refreshment – Combine the gin, juice and sugar into a Collins glass and stir. Top up with soda, and garnish with the cherry and lemon.

Negroni Sour

25ml Mean London Dry Gin

25ml Campari

25ml Sweet Vermouth

35ml Lemon Juice

20ml Simple Syrup

1 Egg White

Orange or Lemon twist garnish

Mean really goes well in sour drinks, and the orangey, earthy yet fresh Negroni Sour is our favourite!
Vigorously shake all ingredients apart from egg white in a shaker with ice. Strain the liquid, add egg white and dry shake (without ice). Pour into a coupe or whisky glass and add garnish.

Mean & Tonic

50ml Mean London Dry Gin

150ml Mediterranean Tonic


Orange garnish

The simplest, yet often the most satisfying of all gin cocktails! Gin became a popular mixer for C.19th British Naval Officers’ daily ration of quinine tonic, and the practice has lasted to this day.
We like Mean with Mediterranean Tonic – Simply pour the gin over ice, add the tonic and stir. Garnish with a slice of orange.

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